Dr. Glass Has a Clear Future Before Him

April 1999

Imagine making $100,000 a year with a seasonal job that requires four months of hard work and eight months of minimal time. This is what Philip Bregstone does, and it's all possible because new homes are getting larger and larger with designs that include vast window surfaces. In the Washington DC area Philip Bregstone, a.k.a. Dr. Glass, has clearly taken this trend as an opportunity to make a good life.

Philip never would have guessed that the summer job he created for himself over two decades ago to fund his high school rock band and college education would later become his living as an adult. His summer job took care of his financial needs so well that what had been intended as a way towards a different career became the career.

Today, Philip provides a full glass cleaning service which includes exterior and interior windows, Williamsburg style homes that have a "zillion little panes of glass," crystal chandeliers, and mirrors. This service generates $300-$2000 per job. Basically, says Bregstone, "I've taken a working class job and turned it into a white-collar specialty trade."

In the process, Bregstone has become a celebrity in his trade with feature stories in USA Today, Kiplinger Magazine, National Examiner and on numerous radio shows, TV news shows, and newspapers. Publicity is no accident. "My greatest marketing tool is me!", says Bregstone.

There are many reasons for Bregstone's success. First, he provides excellent customer service, including taking Polaroid shots of rooms to make sure everything is returned to its place after a job is completed. Second, he is extremely enthusiastic about what he does. When you call, you will reach him or he will quickly return your call. Third he looks for every possible media outlet to spotlight his home business. Fourth, he uses the latest technology to operate his home business. His phones are connected so that he can be reached any time. On his ladder, he can take a call from his cell phone and use his portable digital dictator. He also maintains his accounting, contacts, and scheduling on a portable computer.

As a result of Bregstone's attention to his business, he now has 800 dedicated clients and countless referrals for new clients, including luminaries such as Sugar Ray Leonard, Patrick Ewing, Knight Kiplinger, Jack Kemp, and the Governor of Pennsylvania.

Rather than running franchises, Philip expanded by training window cleaners, having them do work for him as they trained, and then coordinating contacts and scheduling jobs. Philip also created what he calls his "business-in-a-box." It's a step-by-step, turn-key window washing business which includes training manuals, videos, software, in-person consulting and support. The start-up cost is $4,000 or less.

Every spring, Philip rents his Colorado home out and moves his family to DC for work season. When the season is over, they return home and he becomes a stay-at-home dad raising Julian (9 months) and Jonah (4 years) and teaching music, while his wife, Roberta, works as a sign-language interpreter.

Contact Dr. Glass by calling him at (888) 282-3535 or by visiting his website at www.doctor-glass.com