Have You Dreamed Of.....
working from home? being your own boss? setting your own schedule?
achieving your own sales and profit goals? enjoying exercise working in the ‘great outdoors?' getting daily satisfaction providing a tangible, quality service?
receiving payment on a daily basis? having time for your family and other personal interests? building a legitimate and valuable business over a number of years?

A residential window washing business has a lot to offer:

With Biz-in-a-Box or as a contractor working for Dr. Glass Window Washing, you can start your business for as little as $1,000 or go "first class" (including equipment, insurance, advertising) for about $4,000. (Biz-in-a-Box itself costs between $650 and $2,992. And we offer in-house financing.   Franchises in MD/DC/VA/CO cost $3,000 to $5,000 (no financing available). 

The market keeps expanding with new home construction. There's longevity as windows will always need washing! Adding subcontractors will help you make your business grow.
Satisfaction is built in. You provide a tangible quality service, work with your hands outdoors, finish a task and get paid the same day.
This is a seasonal business in most climates. You can have from two to three months a year to turn your attention to other endeavors.

Transition time is built in. You can start part-time and work up to a full-time income. (Firefighters, musicians, etc. choose to keep this as a lucrative part-time endeavor.)

Starting a window cleaning business

Starting a window-cleaning business is not pie-in-the-sky stuff where you can instantly make incredible money doing next to nothing. Window washing is hard work and running a business requires discipline and commitment. The good news, though, is that a window-washing business is not "all or nothing". Most other business start-ups require paying employees, committing to business rent, and raising and putting at risk a large pot of start-up money for equipment and inventory. And after taking this financial risk, 90% of all new business owners fail. But starting a window washing business, you really can't lose money.  Even with part-time attention you can't help but turn your business, over time, into a money-making machine. You can always pick up window-washing jobs.

A New Expanding Market -- with a do-it-yourself twist.

Residential window cleaning is a new and growing business. Across the USA, the home design trend is towards more & larger windows, this field is taking off. Today's two-earner families have good money but no time. And it's almost impossible to find a responsible, trustworthy guy who knows the ropes in nice homes to come and clean. Dr. Glasss Window Washing is helping people get into this untapped, low-cost business.

You can run your business up on the ladder while you're washing. Your work belt includes squeegees, a digital dictator, and a cell phone, with books-on-tape on your Walkman. Your laptop lets you run the business wherever you go, without office staff.

Whether you are a corporate manager pursuing your "escape fantasy", a college student earning your way through school, the head of a household looking for a better way to make a living, a housewife wanting to earn part time money, or if you’ve already started a window-washing business…
Dr. Glass Window Washing can help.