The Dr. Glass Window Washing Biz-in-a-Box System

For most of the people who contact us, Biz-in-a-Box is the way to go. This solid business system is so much more than a "how-to manual" for making Big Bucks washing windows. (You can buy that at Barnes & Noble for $29.95 or go online and get about the same thing, with some random 45 second video clips thrown in for $89.95. We know, we've bought 'em - and believe us, you get what you pay for!) We've been working together with new business start-ups way longer than any other business system. (Imitation is flattery - we're flattered, but the imitators have fallen way short of what you need to actually make this work.)

With Biz-in-a-Box you join a family of hundreds of successful entrepreneurs, all using the same successful techniques to market and grow their business. We work together, side-by-side, at our apprenticeship. As you build your business, we share our triumphs and our failures, we discuss the tough clients, the tough jobs, the latest window-washing techniques. We are constantly pooling our latest marketing ideas and ad-slicks. With Dr. Glass Window Washing and Biz-in-a-Box you are going into business FOR yourself, but truly, not BY yourself. Talk with us and we'll pass on some of the names of guys, just like you, who have built their businesses with us.

OK, here's what you need to succeed

  • Getting Started - Manual
    This is the quick-start guide to setting up your business and planning your hands-on apprenticeship.
  • Window Washing Fundamentals - Training Manual 1
    Step-by-step details on our special residential system; all the equipment you need and where to get it (and what it's for); basic window-washing techniques; how to organize the typical job.

  • Advanced Window Washing - Training Manual 2
    How to handle all the different styles of windows; ladders & safety; screens & storms; tips on solving common on-the-job problems. More emphasis on what sets our residential-specialists system apart from typical window-washing companies.
  • Running the Business - Workbook 1
    Managing a high-integrity business: scheduling, legal issues, insurance, taxes & accounting. Using the database template.
  • Getting the Work - Workbook 2
    Marketing, advertising, & bidding; how to find and keep customers; how to differentiate your business from the others; strategies for bidding; copious bidding and marketing materials to borrow from and copy.
  • The Wisdom of Clearviews
            vol 1: Window-Washing Technique
            vol 2: Marketing & Business

    These materials have been described as "priceless." They offer a tremendous compendium of information, all in one place. We present an indexed "back & forth" from our e-mail bulletin-board. Learn from the conversations between business owners using our system as they discuss everything from ladder "duty-ratings" to successful cold-calling techniques.
  • Window Washing Fundamentals - Video 1
    Learn how to set up your equipment; catch all the basics with the experts; see some typical first-timer's mistakes. This is the video you need in order to get started.
  • Advanced Window Washing Techniques - Video 2
    Learn how to handle all the different kinds of windows. Also screens, storms, mirrors, skylights, razor scraping, ladder-work, transporting ladders, classy tips and gadgets.
  • Residential Specialist's DB Template - Software
    Run your business on this specially designed database template. Customer contacts, call-backs, records of $/hr, job notes, locale, check deposits. This is the database that made Dr. Glass WW great!
  • Apprenticeship
    This week-long opportunity comes with every Biz-in-a-Box. Work with us directly, either in the DC area or in Colorado. Includes hours of on-the-job window-washing skill building and problem solving. This is a chance to develop advanced techniques in all aspects of the work. Also, developing your business: loads of tips on marketing and hands-on experience with bidding and sales.
  • Clearviews
    With Biz-in-a-Box you get the ongoing support you need. Biz owners from around the country log on daily to CLEARVIEWS, our e-mail bulletin board support network. Fresh-cut entrepreneurs and seasoned pros alike, all of whom are running residential window-washing businesses, trade tips, ask questions, offer advice, post successes, and tell bone chilling horror stories. From ladderwork and squeegee technique to marketing and bidding, it all gets aired.
  • Window Washing Tools
    We throw in the basic tools you need to get started, so you can begin washing windows and making money the day you get the system. We give you some of the harder-to-find items as well as getting-started squeegees and soap to supplement our special-order lists at the window-washing supply houses.

You can get our Full System, including apprenticeship, with just a $500 downpayment.*  

We offer a Getting Started package with just a $350 downpayment.**  

• Call now to discuss the options for getting started.

• Call now (or sign in at our “Send-me-Info” page) to get our free informational mailer.

• We also offer, by special request, sample business plans, profit and loss statements, and a promotional video. Call or e-mail us. Get to know us and let us get to know you. And we'll supply you with the goodies!

• Call for references -- talk with people using our system!

*Complete Biz-in-a-Box: $2,992. $500 down plus 14 monthly $193 payments.
(This includes $15/month service fee.)

**Getting Started Package: $650. $350 down plus 2 payments of $150.
(Can be upgraded at any time to Full System.)